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If you think all of the characters in Apex Legends have the same hitbox, you'd be mistaken.

Yesterday, we covered the usage rate of the different legends in Apex Legends. Unsurprisingly, characters like Wraith, Lifeline, and Bangalore ranked near the top while Gibraltar and Caustic brought up the rear.

The kit these characters have has a lot to do with why they're being picked so often. Wraith's kit is extremely useful, while a character like Gibraltar has more situational abilities.

Well, the kit might not be the only reason why people prefer some legends over others. It might feel as though you're avoiding more damage with Wraith than you are with Caustic, and there's a reason for that.

The hitboxes in Apex Legends aren't the same as they are in a game like Fortnite. In Fortnite, all of the characters have the same hitboxes, even if one is a bit wider than another.

In Apex Legends, though, a bigger character means enemies will have an easier time shooting you. Thanks to the testing done by YouTuber SookieSpy, we have some more definitive information about which characters have smaller or larger hitboxes.

For those who don't know, the term "hitbox" refers to the area on and around a character that registers a shot. Some legends have tight hitboxes that only register shots to their visible character model, while others register shots that look like they should be missing.

The Pathfinder was the first character that SookieSpy tested, and one of the more glaring examples of the Apex Legends hitbox problem. SookieSpy fired shots over the top of Pathfinder's head and around his body, but they were still registering as hits.

After his video got some attention, SookieSpy went back to test the rest of the characters in Apex Legends. He came up with the graphic below, showing Wraith with the smallest hitbox and Gibraltar with the largest.

Respawn community manager Jayfresh responded to a post on Reddit about the hitbox issue, saying that the team is aware and is currently discussing the current state.

Although these differences might seem like a bug, they are probably intentional. Each legend has different abilities, and some of the "tanky" characters are larger and therefore easier to hit. We should probably think of these discrepancies as being closer to Overwatch than Fortnite.

Regardless, the Respawn team is aware of the hitbox differences and will likely make some adjustments in the future. They have the same usage statistics we do, so they know that more people are already choosing the smaller legends over the larger ones.

We'll have to wait and see if there is a normalization in hitboxes coming to Apex. Let us know what you think about this information over at @Apex_Tracker on Twitter.

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