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More information about the new hero and Battle Pass coming to Apex Legends.

We've heard news of a new hero and Battle Pass coming to Apex Legends, but haven't heard many details or additional information about the timing. Daily Esports recently received some further information from an anonymous source, however, confirming these leaks and giving us a date for the first Apex Legends Battle Pass.

The news of a new hero spread on the Apex Legends subreddit, but many players were still skeptical. The source confirmed the legitimacy of this news to Daily Esports and said that the "Octane" hero will be coming to the game next week.

Octane: Leak from r/apexlegends

The source also claimed that the Battle Pass will be hitting the Item Shop on 3/12/19. They stated that Octane will be released alongside the Battle pass and will be a central promotional figure.

Although we still don't know if the above image is legitimate, the kit is a believable one. Octane may be able to passively gain health, spend health to increase mobility, and use a Launch Pad to move around the map.

We'll have to wait for official news about the first Apex Legends Battle Pass before we know anything for sure, but it looks like it's just around the corner.

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