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Respawn took to Reddit to clear the air about the Battle Pass, Season 1, and other leaks.

The leaking and datamining community for Apex Legends may have put the cart before the horse with the news of Season 1, along with all of the information we got about wall running and other items found in the game files.

Well, March 12 came and passed and no Battle Pass entered the game. The new hero we heard about isn't here, and we haven't heard any news about when this leaked information will come to fruition.

Respawn was aware of the underground hype for the new additions to the game, even though they did nothing to confirm these leaks or give us news of the battle pass.

They did, however, talk about the leaks and datamined information found in the game files through a post on the Apex Legends subreddit.

Community Manager Jayfresh addressed the misleading information by assuring us that Season 1 is on its way. He also told us that many of the items found in the game files are only there because the team was experimenting with them before launch. Some of these abilities, items, and movement styles may make their way into Apex Legends in the future, but many of them were scrapped a long time ago.

Jayfresh reiterated that we shouldn't take the leaks as confirmed additions to the game. Respawn will tell us when the first season is going to start when they have a date set in stone.

Despite this post, I have to believe that Respawn initially planned on launching the first season this Tuesday. They've since pushed it back and will tell us more in the near future.

Although it's disappointing to hear that not everything we saw in the game files will come to pass, it's refreshing to see a developer talk openly about leaks and datamined information. They are being clear and straightforward with us, which is always a nice touch.

We'll let you know whenever we hear more about the start of Season 1. Until then, follow @Apex_Tracker on Twitter for more news.

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