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Season one of Apex Legends might not have been as exciting as some of us were expecting. It appears as though Respawn has another trick up their sleeve, however, with news of a new legend entering the roster this season.

A lot of us were following all of the Season 1 and Battle Pass news regarding Apex Legends, only to be a bit disappointed when the time finally came. Octane is fun to play and a welcome addition to the roster, but the Battle Pass left a lot to be desired in terms of cosmetics.

According to some leaks from Sony - always eager to jump the gun - we'll be getting a second legend added to Apex Legends before the season ends. Apex Legends on Playstation tells players that two heroes will be released in Season 1. Octane is the first, and we're still waiting on news of a second.

Respawn has a ton of different legends in development right now. Ten additional legends are in the game files, but only one has more information than the rest of them: Wattson.

Wattson appears to be a legend whose kit revolves around electricity and traps (get it? WATTson?).

We have a lot more to go on with Wattson than the other characters in the game files, which suggests he'll be the next legend to come out. The same was the case with Octane before he was released.

Adding characters to a hero-based game like Apex Legends is always tough. They need to balance each hero so they work well together without being overpowered or underpowered.

Too many new heroes could make it difficult for some casual players to get a hang of the game. Waiting too long to add a new legend will make the game stale for the hardcore player base - it's a difficult balancing act.

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