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EA releases some of their plans for Apex Legends in their upcoming EA Play E3 Event.

Apex Legends fans were already speculating about what we'd see from the EA Play event at E3. The game may have slowed down a bit in terms of growth, but it's still one of the biggest games EA has on their roster.

EA made an announcement on Twitter about the event, stating that they'd be talking Season 2, offering exclusive merchandise, debuting new Apex collectible figures, and providing a chance to meet with the development team.

We already heard rumblings about Season 2 of Apex Legends, but it looks like we'll have to wait for E3 until we get any confirmation. This announcement will likely include the release date for the next season, which is expected to start by the end of this quarter.

Fans are also crossing their fingers that EA will announce the next legend at E3. Apex has been slower to release new content then fast-paced games like Fortnite, but players have been content to wait for their next addition.

Instead of a traditional press conference, EA will be streaming their event all day on June 8 and 9. Tune into the stream to find out what's new with Apex Legends and other popular EA titles.

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