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Site Update

Hey Stat Trackers, we have updated our site with Season 2 stats. These updates include the new stat banner "Season 2 Wins", which you can get in-game and activate. We also have added the new legend Wattson.

Our insights page has also been updated for Season 2.

Does that leave you wanting more?

Yea, we know. We're disappointed. Season 1 dropped with stat tracker for Wins, Kills, and damage, whereas season 2 just got wins. The game also added a much needed stats profile. Unfortunately we are unable to access that data. We're bummed.

We continue to be optimistic that in the future more data will be made available to us and that we can do some powerful tools for you. Until then, the best we can do is live. If you want us and other tools like us to have more data, please continue to submit feedback to Respawn for them, let them know these tools are valuable for you.

Happy Hunting.

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