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Apex Legends released Season 2 about a week ago, which included several balance changes, Battle Pass improvements, and a ton of new content. If you're on the fence about getting back into Apex, now's the time.

Apex Legends made a massive splash in the gaming world when it was released. The game made several improvements on the existing Battle Royale genre - adding respawns, repairable shields, a pinging system, and increased time to kill.

For many players, Apex was a breath of fresh air in what had become a stale genre that was dominated by Fortnite.

Respawn Entertainment also made strategic partnerships with major streamers to get them to play and promote their game. A good advertising strategy and a great product skyrocketed Apex Legends to the top - but only for a limited time.

The Fall of Apex Legends

Season 1 of Apex Legends, by all accounts, was a flop. They didn't add much new content, the Battle Pass was lacking, and the game started to become stale.

Loadouts all looked strikingly similar during Season 1. Guns like the Wingman and the R-301 Carbine dominated while the Alternator and P2020 were left on the ground.

Apex Legends - since it was a full release and not a beta - couldn't even dream of rivaling Fortnite when it came to content updates. The former game seemed stale after a few months, and many of the players who moved over from Fortnite went back to their primary game.

Season 2 is Worth Your Time

Season 2 of Apex Legends was make or break. Yes, the game has a dedicated fanbase and a high player count when compared to some other games out there, but it wasn't drawing in the players it lost when Season 1 became boring.

Respawn did exactly what they had to do in Season 2 to get these players back. They completely overhauled the meta, adding hop-ups for guns like the once-hated Mozambique and the Alternator, making the former viable and the latter God-tier.

They added more content to the Battle Pass, including challenges that allow you to rank-up without the endless grind that was Season 1.

Respawn made balance changes to the legends to make some of the lesser-used characters more popular - even nerfing some of the former S-tier legends from Season 1.

They changed the map to make it a bit fresher, adding new locations. There's now a ranked mode so high-level players can do more than just stomping on bad players in public lobbies.

Apex is currently in the best state it's ever been in. As the game progresses, we may even look back at Season 2 as the golden age of Apex, the way many Fortnite players look at Season 2 and 3 of that game.

Apex is never going to beat Fortnite. Epic has found a loophole in the beta system that allows them to constantly update their game on all platforms. Respawn just doesn't have the manpower nor the system to keep up with them.

What it can do, though, is draw in new players and the old players it lost during Season 1. Apex is far easier to understand when compared to Fortnite, making it much more accessible to someone who's new or returning.

If you're wondering whether or not to load-up Apex and try Season 2, the answer is yes. You absolutely should.

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Jimmy is a passionate gamer and writer from Boston, MA. He plays Fortnite on Xbox One. You can find him in Creative Mode practicing his 90's. Follow him on Twitter @JimmyDangus


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