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A new Wraith exploit in Apex Legends allows her to use her Void ability without a cooldown.

Wraith has always been one of the most popular legends in Apex. Her kit allows her to escape damage in several ways, and move around the map before striking back.

Her ultimate, Dimensional Rift, provides an excellent escape route for an entire team. Void, the tactical ability, lets her escape damage and find a better place to hide or fight.

Void is one of the most useful tactical abilities in Apex Legends. You become invisible, impervious to damage, and faster when you use it, making it an excellent means of escape or repositioning.

A new exploit, however, allows Wraith players to chain their Void ability without a cooldown. You can use Void, run away, and use it again immediately afterward.

This exploit was posted to YouTube on July 10 by user Darkstar X.

As you can see, the exploit seems to have something to do with canceling Void by hitting the melee button.

This video doesn't contain an explanation on how to make it work, and a few people in the comments have tried and failed.

In the description, Darkstar X claims that he will post a tutorial on the glitch so that Respawn can create a patch for it.

This exploit isn't a massive problem right now, but it will be if more people figure it out. It's under the radar for the time being, but we need to bring attention to it so Respawn can take action.

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