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New Apex Legends leaks reveal the end of season ranked rewards along with some exclusive store skins coming in the future.

Apex Legends has sprung a leak in the past week or so, giving data miners access to more game files than ever before. We've seen a few leaks come out over the weekend, including the end-of-season rewards and a few exclusive store skins that will be coming to Apex Legends.

End of Season Rewards

Those who grind Ranked Mode in Apex Legends will be treated to some exclusive rewards when the season ends. You can see as much by going over to the "Ranked Leagues" tab in the menu. This will give you an idea of the RP you need to rank up each level.

This tab also shows a brief overview of the rewards you'll receive at the end of the season for hitting each rank.

Thanks to @That1MiningGuy on Twitter, we now have a better idea of exactly what these rewards will be.

As you can see, we won't just be getting dive trails and weapon skins for each rank - we'll be getting a skin for the HCOG scope. Respawn has yet to add any attachment skins up until this point, but it appears as though they'll be doing so as an end-of-season ranked reward for each tier.

The HCOG skin makes sense if you consider all of the weapon skins in Apex Legends. You don't have to choose to show off your rank on a specific gun, or shelf one of your Legendary skins for your end-of-season reward.

We don't have any images of the rewards as of now, but we'll likely see them when we get closer to the end of the first ranked season.

Exclusive Store Skins

That1MiningGuy also found some exclusive store variants that will only be available to those who have purchased specific weapon skins. You'll need the following base skins to unlock the variants you see above:

  • Ace of Sparks Wattson skin
  • Sleeper Cell Longbow skin
  • The Life Saver Kraber skin
  • The Invader Triple Take skin
  • Sonic Empire Havoc skin
  • Pressure Point Hemlock skin
  • Hyperdrive L-Star skin
  • The Heavy Construct Spitfire skin

These skins appear to be variants of the existing skins we listed above, and you can only unlock them if you have the original. Since they are listed as "exclusive store" skins, they will likely require you to purchase them with Apex Coins.

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