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A new batch of leaked Apex Legends skins for Mirage, Wraith, and Caustic have been revealed.

The Apex Legends leaks just keep on coming. We've seen the end-of-season rewards leaked, along with sound files that point to portable respawn beacons coming to the game.

Now, the top data miner for Apex Legends @That1MiningGuy has provided us with some new leaked skins for Caustic, Wraith, and Mirage.

Twitch Prime Loot

Respawn has been going all-in on promotion with Apex Legends Season 2. They are partnering with popular streamers like NickMercs and SypherPK to ensure that they play their game to take eyeballs away from their top competitor, Fortnite.

Another area where Respawn is hammering their promotion is with Twitch Prime loot. They are utilizing this system to its fullest. This will be the third Twitch Prime skin we've seen this season and fourth overall.

Twitch Prime is a sneaky way to get streamers to play Apex Legends. These streamers don't need an outright partnership with Respawn. They'll play Apex for the enhanced likelihood of the Twitch Prime subscribers.

Wraith and Caustic Skins

We have some more leaked skins courtesy of @That1MiningGuy. The banner for these skins looks similar to the Twitch Prime pack above, so it's very possible we'll have a fourth and fifth Apex Legends pack for us Twitch Prime subscribers.

If you're looking for someone to subscribe to with your free Twitch Prime sub, consider That1MiningGuy. He's giving us all of the latest Apex Legends leaks, including the ones we see here. Take a look at his stream, where he walks us through his data mining tactics and plays some Apex.

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