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Apex Legends is a relatively new player on the eSports scene, but it's looking to make a splash in the market. They have already hosted an official tournament and a Pro-Am, but now look to bring competitive Apex Legends to the next level with a $500,000 preseason tournament.

Apex Legends isn't the most popular eSports game right now, but it's certainly growing in the space. The popular battle royale game has been putting together tournaments here and there, and are looking to truly establish itself as a powerful eSports contender.

Earlier today, July 30, The official Apex Legends Twitter account posted some details about the upcoming "Apex Legends Preseason Invitational."

The event looks to kick-off a competitive season in Apex Legends. 80 teams will battle it out for their slice of the $500,000 in potential winnings.

The event is set to start on September 13 and will run through the 15. This will also coincide with the start of Apex Legends Season 3, which is much-anticipated by fans of the game.

The event will be invite-only, so we can expect to see some top-name pros and streamers competing for the prize.

Respawn is getting their feet wet with the Apex Legends pro scene. They've hosted one official tournament and had a Pro-Am broadcast on ESPN earlier in the month. Up next is the EXP Invitational at the X Games Minneapolis on August 2.

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