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EA has published a Q1 earnings report that includes some cryptic messaging that hints at a high-profile, fan-requested feature. Could this feature mean we're finally getting a solo mode? What about cross-play?

Respawn Entertainment has made its mark on the Battle Royale genre. Apex Legends - while not the most popular BR out there - has made waves through innovation.

A respawn system, pinging to enhance communication, and class-based gameplay all made fans swoon when Apex first came out.

Other popular BRs like Fortnite and Blackout borrowed some of these innovations for their own games. Apex continues to grow, but there's one thing holding it back: the three-person team.

Fans have been criticizing Apex Legends about this from the beginning. There are no duo or solo modes, which means a lot of players are stuck having a random teammate in most matches.

Another element where Apex Legends falls a bit short is when it comes to cross-play. Sony and Microsoft have traditionally kept their player base separate, but Fortnite was able to finally bridge that gap.

Apex Legends, though, still keeps all of their players on separate servers and don't allow them to play together.

One small piece of information has fans speculating about these two possibilities, though. It comes from the Q1 EA fiscal report. Within the document, there's a line that says this:

"In each season, there are in-game events that are additional drivers of engagement – such as the event coming in the next few weeks that will bring new content and deliver one of the most fan-requested features since the launch of Apex."

Since the duo/solo and cross-play options are two of the most fan-requested features, players are naturally speculating that one of these will be coming in the near future.

'No Fill' Mode

The video above from top Apex Legends data miner That1MiningGuy shows that Respawn is already working on a no-fill mode for Apex Legends.

Naturally, this leads us to believe that a Duo or Solo mode could be on the horizon. This possibility seems like the most likely of the two we're discussing here since it's only up to Respawn - not any third-party companies like Microsoft and Sony.


Cross-play is the less likely of the two options, but it would still be massive news. As of now, Apex players are stuck on an island of their own platform. Cross-play could open the door to PC, console, and - eventually - mobile playing together.

The Fortnite craze pushed Microsoft and Sony together for the first time. Could Apex Legends possibly benefit from this?

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