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Fans of Apex Legends are eagerly anticipating the next hero who will be added to the roster. Most people assume that will be Crypto, but what about Rosie?

Apex Legends fans have been anticipating the release of Crypto since before Season 2 even released. We knew Wattson was coming, but the attention of the fans quickly shifted to the next legend on the horizon.

We saw some datamined information that pointed to Crypto, and some attentive fans even saw a teaser baked into one of the laptops in Apex Legends.

There was also some leaked information about the possible kit Crypto might have, but nothing that directly points to Crypto's appearance in Apex Legends, or when the character will be coming.

On August 1, though, Apex Legends developer Tina Sanchez tweeted two photos that showed the team using motion-capture for - presumably - a new hero coming to Apex Legends.

This motion-capture image could mean a number of things and doesn't point to Crypto specifically. It isn't until you look at the comments that you notice the teaser's relationship to Crypto.

The Apex team is clearly pointing us to Crypto, but this could mean one of two things: Crypto is closer than we think or Respawn is working on an entirely new legend and pointing our attention in the other direction.

After all, most people assume that Crypto will be a man. Could we be looking at the motion capture for a hero past Crypto? We've heard talk of a 'Rosie' in the game files, and data miner That1MiningGuy has a theory about this tweet and what it shows us.

If you look closely at the first image, you can see a male actor wearing a motion capture suit as well. We might be seeing two legends, here: both Crypto and Rosie.

As more leaks, information, and datamined game files comes to light, we'll have more to work with. For now, speculation is running wild.

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