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Today was a relatively big news day for Apex Legends. Respawn announced a limited-time Solo mode along with the Iron Crown Collection Event.

We've heard rumors about a solo mode coming to Apex Legends in the near future. Most of this info came courtesy of data mined information and speculation about an EA earnings report.

Now, though, we finally have confirmation that Solo Apex Legends is happening. The limited-time Solo mode will coincide with the Iron Crown Collection event, which will take place August 13 - 27.

That means that we can strap-into solos starting next Tuesday, August 13.

The confirmation came on social media and Reddit, with Community Manager Jayfresh_Respawn handling the latter message. The Apex developers have always supported their Reddit community, and routinely make announcements on the r/ApexLegends subreddit.

"On 8/13 we'll be trying out a Solos Mode in Apex for a limited time. We'll talk more about Solos when it's live and you've had a chance to play it. For now we're going to put it out there and see what happens and what kind of feedback we get.

More to come on 8/13!"

This is all of the information we have to go on as of now, so we still have a few questions. Will there still be 60 players in a lobby? Will the loot table change at all? How will team-based ultimates be handled in the era of solo?

We'll have to wait and see. Personally, I'm excited to see which legends will come to the forefront in solo competition. A lot of these legends do better with teammates, but I'm expecting Mirage, Wraith, Bloodhound, and Octane to be some of the most popular options for solos.

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