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Solo mode in Apex Legends releases tomorrow, August 13. Take a look at five of the strongest solo characters in the game.

The Apex Legends community is eagerly awaiting the next update that will finally bring us solo mode in Apex Legends.

The mode might only be for a limited time, but with some luck and player engagement, it could be a full-time game mode in the long-run.

We'll have to wait and see which legends get the most attention in solo mode, but here are some of our top picks ahead of the update.


Lifeline is one of the best-overall characters in Apex Legends. She might seem like a team-based character by design, but she has several abilities that allow her to excel on her own.

Of course, she's a fantastic utility character when it comes to resurrecting teammates. Her other passive ability gives her fast-acting heals and shields, and her Healing Drone ability is useful whether you're solo or in a squad.

Lifeline is also one of the only characters in Apex that substantially benefits from Ultimate Accelerants. She's one of the most popular picks and looks to stay that way when solos release tomorrow.


Pathfinder is a staple in Apex Legends. His kit allows you to get places that other character can't.

The Pathfinder passive isn't the most useful in the game, but it can give you the edge once you locate the next storm circle. The rest of his kit, though, makes him a strong contender for solo Apex Legends


Octane is quickly becoming one of the best legends in Apex. He's not always the conventional top-pick, but his hyper-mobile kit plays beautifully into the current meta of Apex Legends.

I don't expect Octane to be the most-picked solo character, but he will likely be up there. Mobility is king in Apex, and Octane is one of the most mobile characters in the game.


I played a ton of Overwatch when that game was popular, and - to me - Wraith players always seemed like Genji mains.

Wraith's ultimate is slightly team-based, but all of her abilities work very well on her own. Her small hitbox means she takes more damage than some of the larger players, but she also has several ways to disengage when she needs to.

Wraith is probably going to be the most popular solo pick and a solid one at that.


Bangalore might be the best solo character in Apex Legends. Her kit lends itself to a relatively selfish playstyle. Her passive allows you to run faster while getting shot, and her tactical ability makes her disappear in smoke.

Bangalore's ultimate has never been extremely powerful, but that doesn't really matter. She works well for someone who is playing for themself better than a lot of the other characters in Apex Legends.

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