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New Apex Legends leaks point to Evolving Body Armor coming into the game.

The Apex Legends Voidwalker event gave us a batch of new content to play through in the coming weeks, but it also introduced some new game files for data miners to pour over.

We've seen a few leaks come out of this most recent patch, including one that points to Evolving Body Armor entering the game.

Several data miners have picked up on these files, and The Gaming Merchant gave us some additional information on what exactly this armor type will do.

According to what The Gaming Merchant has found, Evolving Armor will - as the name suggests - evolve over the course of the match.

It will start as Level 1 armor and progressively increase until it reaches Level 4.

Level 4 doesn't just mean Gold armor, though. The fully evolved armor will give players an additional 125 extra health, bringing the total HP of a player to 225.

The armor evolves by getting kills. Presumably, you'll need at least four or five kills to fully evolve your armor, which will promote aggressive gameplay.

Promoting aggression is particularly noteworthy for competitive Apex Legends. Right now, the meta for competitive play seems to be hiding and waiting for the next circle. More aggression would help limit the number of players who are alive during the end-game and create more interesting encounters.

One question I have about this armor is whether or not it will reset if a new player picks it up. Will this player need to start with Level 1 armor again? If so, it might not be worth grabbing if you're later in a match and already have Level 3 armor.

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