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Apex Legends Season 3 is nearly here. Take a look at what we know about the next Apex Legends Battle Pass, Crypto, a new weapon, and the Season 3 release date.

Apex Legends Season 3 is fast approaching. We've seen some leaks and in-game teasers that point to the Battle Pass, a new legend, and a new weapon coming to the game with Season 3.

Here's everything we know so far.

Battle Pass

@That1MiningGuy is the source of most of the information we have about Apex Legends Season 3. He's poured through the game files and found the rewards for next season's Battle Pass.

Here are some of the rewards listed in the game files. Keep in mind that these are subject to change, and we might not be seeing everything here.

  • Legendary Octane and Caustic skins
  • Legendary and Reactive R301 skins
  • Legendary and Reactive Spitfire skins
  • Legendary and Reactive Alternator skins
  • Legendary and Epic Apex Pack
  • 2550 Crafting Metals
  • Exclusive Battle Pass Bundle Spitfire skin
  • Exclusive Battle Pass Bundle character skin

We already saw Caustic and Octane get some love in Season 2, so we may see these rewards change before Season 3 finally releases.

New Additions

Based on all of the information we have and the numerous teasers - including an in-game hack - we can assume that the next legend coming to Apex will be Crypto.

Respawn seems dedicated to adding a new hero and new weapon with each season. Based on the game files, it would appear as though this SMG will be the next gun added to the game.

This Volt SMG - the inspiration for this weapon - was originally seen in Titanfall as an energy weapon. This addition would make sense since SMGs are one of the last classes to get an energy weapon.

It's unclear whether Respawn will keep the name "Volt" when they release the SMG to Apex Legends. From what I understand, it carries the same name in the game files as of this writing.

Season 3 Release

We don't have any official word on when Season 3 will be coming out, but recent changes to Apex suggest that it should be coming within the month.

The last reports we heard put the release of Season 3 into early October, so we should be on the lookout as early as October 1 (a Tuesday).

We'll make sure to keep you posted when we hear more about when Season 3 will release and what other changes it may bring to the game.

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