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Respawn has released their Season 3 launch trailer, revealing a new planet and new map for the game. Take a look at the trailer and what it means for Apex Legends Season 3.

Apex Legends Season 3 is only days away, and Respawn is getting fans ready with a new announcement trailer.

The new season is set to kick off next Tuesday, October 1. Season 3 will bring us the new legend Crypto along with a new weapon in the Charge Rifle.

Players were speculating that we may also see a new map when Season 3 comes out. The new announce trailer respawn released has confirmed these theories.

So, we're heading to a new map in Season 3. From the trailer, we can see two distinct biomes that confirm the "Fire and Ice" theme that was originally the namesake of Season 3 before Respawn went with "Meltdown."

We also saw a glimpse of the Charge Rifle in action, as Crypto points it at Mirage on the train.

The train is another element of the map that seems like a new mechanic. From the trailer, it appears as though a train is going to run through the map. This could work as a loot-on-the-go, or it could be a replacement for the supply ship. We'll have to wait and see.

This launch trailer certainly gets the juices flowing for the next season. We'll keep you posted with any updates ahead of Apex Legends Season 3: Meltdown - so make sure to follow us on Twitter for all of the latest developments @Apex_Tracker.

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