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Apex Legends will be celebrating Halloween with a collection event. We'll be getting a new game mode and a long list of limited-time skins.

The spooks are turning up this Halloween in Apex Legends. Respawn is bringing us a new collection event with a unique game mode and a plethora of new skins.

Here's everything we know about the upcoming event.

New Game Mode

Halloween will bring a new game mode to Apex Legends along with a collection event, similar to what we've seen from the Wraith and Octane events in the past.

This time, we'll be getting the "Shadow Squad" event. Kings Canyon will return - this time under the cover of darkness.

This seems like an interesting take on "Zombie Mode." You'll play as a solo, and when you die you'll join the zombie team. The last 10 players alive will have to face off against the rest of the lobby.

Halloween Skins

@That1MiningGuy and @iLootGames found a ton of leaked Halloween skins in the game files. We have them for nearly every character in the game.

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