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Apex Legends partnered with Twitch Prime to offer an exclusive pack. Read on to learn how to claim it.

Twitch Prime is one of the best features in gaming and viewing. Not only can you subscribe to a streamer for free, but you can access some exclusive loot from the games you love.

Apex Legends is wise to offer a Twitch Prime pack, just as Fortnite did before them. Streamers are the lifeblood of a game's popularity, and Twitch Prime benefits streamers, viewers, and gamers.

Here's a brief tutorial of how to access the new Apex Legends Twitch Prime pack that includes five Apex Packs and a Pathfinder skin.

Step 1: Log Into Twitch

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Those who have already linked their Amazon Prime account to their Twitch profile just have to log into Twitch and hit the crown icon.

If not, Twitch makes it easy to link your accounts. Just log into Twitch, click the Twitch Prime button and log into your Amazon account.

Once you've found the crown, click "Learn More" and you'll be taken to the bundle screen. You may have to log into your Twitch account again here.

Step 2: Link Twitch to EA and Claim

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Next, you'll have to link your Twitch account to your EA account. Those who already have an EA account just need to sign in, or you can create a new account on this page.

After that, you'll have to pick an ID for EA and click "Continue to link."

You'll see an "are you sure?" message next. Click yes, and you're all set. Your Twitch Prime pack will be there waiting the next time you log in.

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