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Best Apex Legends Characters Ranked - Season 17 Tier List

The only tier list you need.

An updated tier list is what players need after the changes in a recent patch in season 17 of Apex Legends. While the current season has been running for over a month, the recent changes to weapons and a few nerfs on Seer have affected the meta.

The tier list mainly focuses on the solo queue and players who prefer playing ranked to improve.

Apex Legends Season 17 Tier List

D Tier: Crypto and Revenant

Image via Respawn Entertainment

While both these legends possess their own strengths, they face challenges in solo queuing. For instance, Crypto excels in playing for the zone and is strong in the current meta. However, coordinating with random teammates can be difficult, as they often play their own way. Revenant needs team synergy to be effective in fights, which makes him weaker in solo queues.

C Tier: Caustic, Fuse, Gibraltar, Seer and Rampart

Image via Respawn Entertainment

These legends share a common trait of being situationally strong but require aligned game plans with teammates. Caustic, Gibraltar, and Rampart are great in certain situations. However, their effectiveness decreases if your team doesn't have the same strategy.

Fuse is not strong in the current meta, as the fights are fast-paced and chaotic. The Legend’s kit limits his abilities to control fights. The prevalence of movement-focused legends who can easily escape his traps makes it worse. Seer received massive changes to his kit in the recent patch. The rework of the character will see him pivot towards the support role as a utility team member. We can easily categorize some changes as nerfs, putting him in the C tier.

B Tier: Ash, Ballistic, Catalyst, Lifeline, Mirage, Vantage and Watson

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Ash, despite receiving buffs, still falls short of being a top-tier legend because of the limitations of her tactical ability. Ballistic, the new legend introduced in Season 17. He can be valuable in certain situations but relies heavily on team coordination to make the most of his ultimate. Catalyst has an intriguing kit, but it requires a coordinated team effort to reach its full potential, making her less suitable for solo queuing.

Lifeline, while not a standout pick in the meta, offers the advantage of reviving teammates. This makes her a decent choice for solo queuing. Mirage can find more usefulness this season, thanks to the inflated ranks and lack of knowledge in countering his abilities. Vantage offers flexibility in loadout options, but her hitbox and cooldowns can be challenging to manage effectively. Watson, usually not a sound choice for solo queuing, benefits from the current season’s inflated ranks, as players struggle to counter her fences and her small hitbox aids in surviving fights.

A Tier: Bloodhound, Horizon, Mad Maggie, Octane, Pathfinder and Valkyrie

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Bloodhound remains a brilliant choice for solo queuing. Their aggressive ultimate and useful scans providing valuable information in fights. Horizon, while not as strong as before, still offers solid utility with her gravity lift and ultimate, making her a reliable choice for solo queue players. Mad Maggie excels in close-quarter combat and chaos creation. She benefits from opponent teams grouping together.

Octane is a selfish solo queue option with great speed and elusive playstyle. Pathfinder has increased mobility but suffers from a large hitbox and long cooldowns. Despite this drawback, his ability to secure advantageous positions remains valuable, and if played wisely, he can be a good choice for solo queue players. Valkyrie has lost some usefulness with the introduction of the Evac Towers in Season 17, but still offers relocation advantages. Her jetpacks allow for creative off-angles and positioning, which can benefit solo queue players. Although she has lost some of her previous appeal, Valkyrie still offers advantages for those who enjoy playing independently.

S Tier: Bangalore, Loba, Newcastle (Lifeline) and Wraith

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Bangalore is versatile, excelling as an entry fragger with smoke grenades that can strategically obstruct the line of sight, and her ultimate is effective for offense and defense. Loba offers multiple advantages such as crafting banners, quick loot access, helpful angles, and both offensive and defensive capabilities. Her Black Market Boutique can also divert enemy attention.

Newcastle (Lifeline) is a powerful legend with a balanced kit, excelling in offense and defense, and possessing one of the best resurrection abilities. His D.O.C. Heal Drone provides additional healing support, and his built-in escape mechanism allows him to swiftly rejoin the team. Wraith, known as the original solo queue legend, remains incredibly strong, even with past buffs. Her tactical ability, Into the Void, offers excellent evasion and survival potential.

That sums up the tier list of season 17 of Apex Legends.

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