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Everything In Apex Legends' June 1 Patch Notes

Did you see the updates that you were looking for?

Respawn Entertainment, the developer behind the popular battle royale game Apex Legends, has rolled out yet another update to address various lingering bugs and issues. This comes just days after their previous update, which aimed to fix specific character-related problems that were affecting Wraith and Seer.

In the previous update, players discovered that Wraith was still able to use her weapons while knocked down, giving her an unfair advantage in certain situations. Additionally, Seer's tracking abilities were found to be working across Catalyst's Dark Veil, even when enemies were on the opposite side. These issues quickly garnered attention from the player community, who eagerly anticipated a swift resolution from Respawn Entertainment.

Acknowledging the players' concerns, Respawn Entertainment wasted no time in delivering a patch to rectify these bugs. However, it seems that some other lingering issues have come to light, prompting the need for a new update.

One of the primary focuses of the latest patch is once again on Wraith and Catalyst. Fans of Apex Legends had expressed their frustration with Wraith's ability to use weapons within the Fight Night ring, an area where players are typically limited to melee combat only. Respawn Entertainment has taken note of this concern and made the necessary adjustments to ensure a fair and balanced gameplay experience.

Furthermore, the developers have also addressed an issue related to Catalyst's Dark Veil ability. Previously, certain scan abilities possessed the ability to bypass the veil's cover, allowing enemies to detect players concealed within it. Respawn Entertainment has now resolved this problem, ensuring that Catalyst's Dark Veil provides the intended protection and remains an effective tool for strategic play.

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